Join us Sundays at 11am for service!

Welcome to a church that works for peace, justice, equality, and care of Mother Earth. An extravagant welcome to you because of your gender identification or sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic situation, physical and mental challenges, doubting or believing, being depressed or full of joy. We are a community of curious and creative spiritual seekers, striving to learn and embody the Way of Jesus and learn from other religious leaders. Like Jesus, we focus on the plundered and the marginalized, as we try to address the major issues of our day.  One of the ways we seek to heal the world and ourselves is through sharing parts of our personal story. WE ARE ALL WELCOME HERE!

Wedgewood is is a wheel-chair accessible space! We are committed to continually making Wedgewood more accessible, so please talk to Pasotr Chris with any suggestions that you may have.

Upcoming Events: