Change the World

We can't do everything but we can do something. Wedgewood seeks to change the world by practicing equality in its life and worship, but also by participating in mission teams. We encourage the formation of new mission teams. Current missions teams/missions at Wedgewood:


PB&J for Homeless

Wedgewood makes Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches every other Sunday after worship. Sandwiches are delivered to homeless people in Charlotte at 3 pm.



Wedgewood participates annually in the CLT Pride Festival

feeding 5000.jpg

Food Pantry

Wedgewood has a food pantry.  Please bring food for those who do not have enough food and/or need to use their money to pay for items other than food, such as for medicine, doctor's bills.


Some of our other ministries include:

Christian education/Jesus Comics on Facebook

Co-Pastor Chris posts on his own FB page and Wedgewood's FB page entries about current events, biblical studies, and comments about re-thinking and re-doing church.  His Jesus Comics puts quotes in the mouth of Jesus to evaluate them.  Goofed-up Bible  is a sarcastic rewriting of Bible verses to get people to re-think and re-do church.


Wedgewood also seeks to change the world by providing a labyrinth for Wedgewoodians and the public to use. The inward journey enables people to make the outward journey.

ART GAllery

Wedgewood appreciates the transformative power of art. Wedgewood has an art gallery, which includes the work of several Wedgewood artists. About half of our collection is pieces from homeless artists.