An Invitation To Walk Wedgewood's Labyrinth

A labyrinth, as envisioned by Wedgewood, is an instrument to help people with the inner journey, which in turn enhances the outer journey. Each journey, the inner journey and the outer journey, nourishes and supports the other. For Christians, one journey should not be stressed to the neglect of the other. Or put another way, labyrinths help us love ourselves and the world.

Wedgewood's labyrinth is open to the public.

May God bless your labyrinth walks.


How To Walk A Labyrinth/Questions To Ask While Walking Labyrinth/Labyrinth Reading Resources

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Labyrinth Construction Statistics

Edging - 1,362 linear feet

Crushed Concrete/Gravel (RCB) - 49 tons

"Alabama stone" - 8 tons

Brick chips - 1 ton

Mulch - 8 yards