Mission Teams


Peanut butter & Jelly ministry

Wedgewood makes Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches every other Sunday after worship. Sandwiches are delivered to homeless people in Charlotte at 3 pm.

Sandwiches are assembled after service in the basement.  

Room at the Inn

Wedgewood participates in the Urban Ministry Center's Room In The Inn program. Wedgewoodians provide transportation to and from the church, prepare supper and eat with our homeless guests, serve as overnight hosts, and prepare breakfast. We do the Room In The Inn ministry on Saturday night so we can invite our homeless guests to worship on Sunday. Following worship, we have a meal with our homeless guests. Room In The Inn guests especially enjoy our annual chili contest and our annual soup contest.

PB& J and Room at the Inn are currently lead by Matt Argonauta.  Contact Matt at (insert his email) for more information. 


Wedgewood will be sharing a tent with Trinity Church for Pride this year. August 26-27 we will need volunteers to help manage the booth. We will have a great time with great people and also spread the word to help change this world.

Contact Brandon Yassine for more information (insert his email).